Give Your OnlyHeart


onlyheartWhile the Christmas season is often an flood of consumerism and advertising, there is a time when the giving of gifts is a great way to demonstrate love.
When this someone is your spouse, how can you accurately demonstrate your feelings in a gift?
You likely can’t completely because love is an everyday action, not simply the giving of gifts, but there are times when a gift is appropriate, a reminder for each other, and/or a token of your life together.
So how do you find something unique and one-of-a-kind?
What if there were a gift that could only be given once – to only one person?
There is.
OnlyHeart is a once in a lifetime gift that can only be given to one special person, and never again to another.
More than a gift, it is a promise made to the love of your life. In other words, your heart belongs to them and them alone.
The team at OnlyHeart actively tracks each purchase to ensure that this promise is kept.
The founder of OnlyHeart, Dev Anand, created this gift based on a belief that love needs to be forever. While looking for a gift for his girlfriend he wanted something meaningful and unique, but after searching he found himself disappointed with his options. Plus, he discovered that no matter how unique or exclusive a gift he bought her, someone else could always do the same.
And so he embarked on creating a gift that would express the promise he wanted to make to her. A special place in his heart that was for her and her alone.
By the way, the girlfriend that inspired this idea is now his wife.

My Experience

When Dev first approached my about his idea, I loved it right away.
I then bought one for my wife.
A week later when it arrived, she came home and found the elegant blue box waiting for her on the counter. Upon opening the box she loved what she saw, then loved it even more when she heard that this could only be given by me to her, and no one else.
If you want to do the same with your husband or wife, you can (because they also have a product designed for men).
The team at OnlyHeart is currently running a Kickstarter* campaign to help keep this concept going. You can help them out by supporting the campaign.
* In case you didn’t know: Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform that helps bring creative projects to life. Backers are rewarded based on their pledge, if the campaign is successful.