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I’m Corey, this is Pam.

Here to help couples spend their days fully alive.

We believe couples can be in control of their relationships, not the other way around. We can all remove the “ceiling” of our relationships. Let’s reach our potential, and then surpass it!

I empower people. Encourage them.
I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Professional Life & Relationship Coach. Pam’s my other half, my rock, my co-host, and the main reason our podcast isn’t a snore.

Our Podcast

We really love making this podcast together. It’s straight-forward, it’s honest, it’s smart and it’s real. Let’s talk about what actually happens in our bedrooms, right?

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With featured guests like

Ian Kerner

Author, Sex Therapist

Jennifer Findlayson Fife

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Robert Glover

Author, speaker

Emily Nagoski


Lori Brotto

Canadian psychologist, Sex Therapist

Laurie Mintz

Sexuality psychologist

Vanessa Marin

Psychotherapist, Writer

Gary Thomas

Author, Speaker

Stephen Snyder

Author, MD

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Anyone can do it. Really.

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Our Articles

The Back Porch is Now Open

While the official start of the 38 Day Build a Better Marriage Challenge is not for another 2 weeks - in preparation for the launch, the Back Porch is now open. If you've yet to hear about the Back Porch - you can read more here. Whenever my wife and I have had any...

Coming Soon! The 38 Day Build A Better Marriage Challenge

Does the thought of taking your marriage to the next level seem overwhelming? If you want to improve your relationship but have been putting it in the "one day" list or you don't want to rock the boat - you're not alone. Most people fall victim to the belief that the...

Sometimes you make me feel so…

While driving down the highway in the fast lane, the person in front of you appears to have no idea what the fast lane means. After running all over town with the kids, you arrive home. They know they have rooms yet insist that the entire house is their closet and...

What did you expect?

We hear what we expect to hear, we see what we expect to see. Our expectation changes our experience. If we walk into a meeting and expect it to be a long, drawn out process rivaled only by a root canal or preparing your taxes, more than likely it will not disappoint....

What did you just say?

Now I know you have been in this situation. You are involved in your daily tasks with your family or significant other and they say something in passing to you. While whatever they said was innocuous, your interpretation was anything but. So you storm out of the room...

It’s Alive, It’s Alive!

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive." -Harold Thurman Whitman Have you ever asked yourself this question: What makes me come alive? What stirs my...

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We came online back in 2008. The podcast began in 2011 (formerly Sexy Marriage Radio). Since then, we have grown into a trusted resource and vibrant relationship community. Our dynamic, engaged community of married people are the real heroes that make all this possible. We hope you’ll join us.