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I’m Corey, this is Pam.

Here to help couples spend their days fully alive.

We believe couples can be in control of their relationships, not the other way around. We can all remove the “ceiling” of our relationships. Let’s reach our potential, and then surpass it!

I empower people. Encourage them.
I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Professional Life & Relationship Coach. Pam’s my other half, my rock, my co-host, and the main reason our podcast isn’t a snore.

Our Podcast

We really love making this podcast together. It’s straight-forward, it’s honest, it’s smart and it’s real. Let’s talk about what actually happens in our bedrooms, right?

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With featured guests like

Ian Kerner

Author, Sex Therapist

Jennifer Findlayson Fife

Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Robert Glover

Author, speaker

Emily Nagoski


Lori Brotto

Canadian psychologist, Sex Therapist

Laurie Mintz

Sexuality psychologist

Vanessa Marin

Psychotherapist, Writer

Gary Thomas

Author, Speaker

Stephen Snyder

Author, MD

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Brave Listening | Dr Stacey Freedenthal #620

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Small changes &
so much more passion.

Anyone can do it. Really.

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Our Articles

SMR Is Hiring

SMR Is Hiring

We are looking to hire a virtual assistant to help us out with enhancing and expanding the SRM Nation. What We Are Looking For This position is ideal for someone who wants to work remotely, but you must have reliable WiFi access! You also must have a great work ethic,...

Abundance vs Deprivation

Abundance vs Deprivation

When it comes to how you view this world, if you’re like many people, you fall into one of two categories. People who don’t believe they will ever get any of the goodness in life. Or, people who hold onto hope that maybe someday, they will get some goodness, yet have...

The 2022 SMR Getaway

The 2022 SMR Getaway

  Registration is now open for the 2022 Sexy Marriage Radio Getaway. Click here to join us. Come spend four days with Pam and me and lots of other couples from the SMR Nation in Indianapolis, Indiana. SAVE THE DATE- Thursday, June 23- Saturday, June 25, 2022. This is...

Nothing Left Unsaid

Nothing Left Unsaid

A member of a MoHW Mastermind Group published a new book ... Nothing Left Unsaid, by Joe DeBruin, PhD The premise of this book is to speak to those who have be influential in his life, and to encourage others to do the same. What follows is a chapter written to the...

My Three Words for 2022

My Three Words for 2022

You are likely familiar with the concept of New Year's Resolutions - which are also historically already broken by mid-January. Back in 2015 I came across the Three Words concept from Chris Brogan. Here's more about this idea ... What is My 3 Words About? The My Three...

Entitled or Exposed

Entitled or Exposed

I believe that marriage is designed to grow us up. This is covered in greater detail in our new video course - Rekindle and Connect. If you look at married life this way, you'll see that growth comes from the pressure a relationship with another human creates....

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