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Perhaps you’re reading this wondering … What’s parenting got to do with marriage?
Don’t believe me? How about this?
Your inbox pings about a new message. It’s the school … again.
Your son has been in a fight … again.
Immediately, you feel your temperature rise, “How many times am I going to have to deal with this? It seems that no matter what I say, nothing gets through to that boy.”
Thoughts then turn to your spouse.
How are they going to react? Last time this happened it led to one of the biggest fights you’ve ever had, and it wasn’t even about your son.
It was personal.
You wound up more mad at each other than the fact your son hit another kid. He seemed to get off scott-free, you ended up with another layer of resentment between you.
Sound familiar?
Are there times when you and your spouse simply don’t see eye to eye in how to parent your children?
If so, this class is for you.
Parenting as Allies, not Enemies presents a different way to view your role and relationship as a parent – both with your kids and with your spouse.
One major problem with traditional parenting books – most of the focus in placed on the child.
This sets up a pressure cooker. The child feels the pressure to perform – you spend a great deal of energy on something you ultimately can’t control. Parenting as Allies places the focus squarely on what you can control — YOU!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to break free of the covert patterns that dominate most relationships.
  • How to calm yourself to offer the best of yourself to your children.
  • Tips to use right away to produce more tranquility and focus in your household.
  • How to be heard without turning into a raging maniac.
  • How to strengthen your relationships within the family and marriage.
  • And how to pass along a better legacy for your family, your children, and their children.

Thanks to the format of this class, we’ll come to you with all the material and information. This format allows you to follow along at your own pace.
Plus, you’ll have two teachers leading this class. Dr. Molly Kuzmich will be joining me in creating and leading this class. She brings a Ph.D. in Family Therapy as well, plus more experience working with children as a Play Therapist.
Throughout the 10 weeks, you’ll have access to both of us.

Parenting as Allies is also great for many other situations:

  • divorced or separated co-parenting
  • extended family members filling parenting roles
  • single parents
  • blended families

The cost for this 10 week, online class is $198. There’s also the option to break the cost up into 2 payments.
Parenting can be one of life’s scariest jobs, it can also be one of its greatest joys. By simply looking at things differently, it can become much better than you possibly imagine.
Here’s to all you, and your children, and your relationships can become.
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