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Best Of SMR: Oral Sex and Gagging #525

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On the Regular version of today’s show …

An email from a wife who gets nauseous and gags at the thought of her husband ejaculating into her mouth – yet he would really like to experience this with her.

And a voicemail from a new mom who wants to get the non-sexy images from childbirth and doctors out of her head to get sex going again with her husband.

On the Xtended version …

A look a some of the attitudes we can bring into marriage and relationships. Are you entitled in your marriage or is marriage designed to expose you more than you thought?

Enjoy the show!

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Speaker 1: You are listening to the regular version of Sexy Marriage Radio,

Speaker 2: You've turned on Sexy Marriage Radio, where the best sex happens in the marriage bed. Here's your host, Dr. Corey Allan.

Corey Allan: Welcome back to Sexy Marriage Radio, where here in Texas, the rain has finally lifted, the sun has come out, and hello summer.

Pam Allan: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Corey Allan: So I don't know where... Wherever you might be listening and wherever you call home, hopefully, summer's in full swing and it's an opportunity for you to take a break. Or if you're in the part of the world that it's not summer for you, hopefully, you're killing it with whatever's going on and-

Pam Allan: Go skiing or something.

Corey Allan: Exactly. Depending on what hemisphere I guess you're in.

Pam Allan: Well, it just immediately went to summer here. What, it rained and rained and rained and was nice and mild and then two days later heat index at 102, 101, 103.

Corey Allan: Absolutely. When I walked out of the house this morning, it felt like I was a kid back in Houston-

Pam Allan: Yeah. So muggy and humid.

Corey Allan: ... with the muggy and humid and it's the whole... Some of the people in the South and different parts of the country will appreciate this. It's that idea of you go take a shower and then you come outside and you feel like you just took a shower.

Pam Allan: Right, yeah.

Corey Allan: Because it's hot.

Pam Allan: Wet again.

Corey Allan: That's what we want here at Sexy Marriage Radio, is we want it to be hot. See that segue I just did there?

Pam Allan: There you go. Okay, well done.

Corey Allan: And the way we can know where we need to go to help you the most to heat things up, that would be you give us a call, 214-702-9565, or feedback at You can also jump on iTunes, rate and review the show, please, if you like, what's going on, or Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube. There's a lot of places that we're now airing our weekly episodes. So please give us comments and help spread the word that married sex is the place to be in relationships. So coming up on today's regular free version of Sexy Marriage Radio is I went again into the archives and found what are the hottest ones we've talked about, right? And last week we did a special with a guest. This week is you and I talking about oral sex and gagging.

Pam Allan: That was tops on some of the stats, right?

Corey Allan: It was. That was a very, very high one as far as download. This is just a wife that is curious because she gets nauseous every time as she gags. And so...

Pam Allan: She's not alone.

Corey Allan: But yeah, he would really like to experience more. And then we have some additional voicemails we cover and then the extended content today, which is deeper, longer, and there are no ads. You can subscribe at We do a conversation between you and I about what are the different attitudes that we bring into our marriages. Because a lot of times this is... If you were to sum up all of Sexy Marriage Radio that we've been doing almost 10 years now, you could really boil it all down to how you view what's going on dramatically changes what you do with what's going on. Right? And so if you can start to view yourself in how, what are you bringing into your marriage, into this relationship? What are you expecting? What are you looking at? How do you think things should unfold? And where did those suckers come from, you'll want to pay attention to the extended content today because we'll unpack that and how each of them... The views that we can bring into it, how they do impact it and what you can do differently to make them maybe just a little bit better.
So all that's coming up on today's show. So right out of the gates, we're going to start with an email-

Pam Allan: Okay, good.

Corey Allan: ... that came in entitled, in the subject line, was gagging and nauseous at the thought of my husband ejaculating in my mouth.

Pam Allan: Okay.

Corey Allan: So it says, "Hey, SMR team, wondering if you can help me with this. My husband is asking me to consider this as it means a lot to him, like I'm accepting all of him. He doesn't expect me to swallow his ejaculate, just allow him to come this way. I, however, feel sick at the thought and the smell also and when I have done this in the past, I've gagged, which obviously is unpleasant. Even writing this email, I feel a little ill and I've been putting it off for ages. I'm really sensitive to smell and also for when even oral sex where he warns me just before his orgasm, is pushing my own anxiety. He can even shower right before, pays attention to hair removal, I can still find the area smelly. And even the smell of the soap can put me off. I know it's an act of pure love and sacrifice." That's the stance she has to take to make it happen.

Pam Allan: Okay.

Corey Allan: "So any ideas pushing past this roadblock? Thanks."

Pam Allan: Kudos to her, I'm saying for wanting to do this for her husband. I'm kind of torn here. So I'm curious your thoughts, Corey, because I'm looking at this going, "Well, there's some lines that... I don't know, she's tried it. She's done it. It makes her gag and it's... She's not someone that's saying no and not trying it.

Corey Allan: Right.

Pam Allan: Clearly, she's done this in the past. Now, she just wants to work at it and get to where she can get past it.

Corey Allan: Which is growing.

Pam Allan: It's growing.

Corey Allan: That's the whole premise of it.

Pam Allan: Yeah. It's definitely growing. That would be a tough one. I mean, is this something that's more about... I see this totally different from hygiene. She talks about how he washes and does this... I mean, there's no amount of... The hygiene would take away other smells, but when you got the actual semen and the texture and the taste and all those... I mean, that is-

Corey Allan: It's a different experience.

Pam Allan: That is what it is. And it's totally different experience. So crosstalk-

Corey Allan: Right, because there's some wives that will have aversion to even just the act, all the way to...

Pam Allan: The act of-

Corey Allan: Oral sex.

Pam Allan: ... oral sex. Right.

Corey Allan: Performing fellatio.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: Which is the medical term for a blow job, in case people are not familiar.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So sometimes there is an aversion to just even the whole premise and the idea and the act of that. There no way.

Pam Allan: Right.

Corey Allan: She's saying it's just the idea of him ejaculating in my mouth. So I'm curious because she says even the... But what jumps out to me in the email is even the thought of him saying, warning her, causes her anxiety. So I kind of hear it's not just the ejaculate in her mouth, too. It's the whole act can be anxiety-provoking.

Pam Allan: Hmm, okay.

Corey Allan: I might be reading into this and if I am-

Pam Allan: I don't hear it that way, but-

Corey Allan: Email, email a response to us or call in and let us know. But I wanted to go a little more global in the sense, first, of some of the aversions that you can run across when it comes to just performing oral sex.

Pam Allan: Okay.

Corey Allan: And so a couple of things to be aware of is you need to get clear about what it is that you don't like. She's got that. The smell, the taste, the ejaculate, those are the things she's, "I don't like it."

Pam Allan: Yeah, very specific.

Corey Allan: So there are some things that can come about when you're talking about not necessarily the ejaculate, but you're talking about the whole act of, the performance of oral sex. There is some flavored lube that can change it up because now all of a sudden, it's not a penis you're tasting, it's cherry or lemon, or-

Pam Allan: It's cherry until the ejaculate comes out and then you're tasting that in combo with it.

Corey Allan: Fair. That's fair.

Pam Allan: Right? So it's a mixture.

Corey Allan: So let me have a little bit of lemon with a side of ejaculate.

Pam Allan: Okay.

Corey Allan: But it's still... This is just if you're trying to ease into the process to reach up to what she's specifically asking.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So there are some common things that can help on just change it up, try the different things. We've always mentioned before, try it in the shower.

Pam Allan: That was my first thought. Because when you're in the shower, you got all this water coming down around, you can... Faking it is not the right word, but you can allow so much water to come in.

Corey Allan: You can keep liquids going easily.

Pam Allan: Yeah, and it keeps liquids that really-

Corey Allan: Which also is an easy entry into, if the ejaculate is in your mouth, it's easy to let it just spit right out and you're not dealing with the swallowing or what do I do with it?

Pam Allan: Right. And he really, with your head down there, he really doesn't even have to see you spitting it out.

Corey Allan: She even says he doesn't expect her to swallow it.

Pam Allan: Right. But I don't know, just the visual, I guess, would be the shower allows you to...

Corey Allan: crosstalk do it. That's a fair point. So once you get clear about what it is you don't like, the next question you ask is where does the discomfort come from? Because sometimes if you're talking about oral sex, we get messages from way, way back that make it to where deep in there, it feels wrong. It feels inappropriate. It feels too erotic.

Pam Allan: Just erotic over the top for you.

Corey Allan: Right. And so it's not allowed. It's not something you should enjoy. Good people don't do that. And so you can have those messages that could be... You're fighting.

Pam Allan: Maybe.

Corey Allan: And so it's worth at least exploring where does this come from? Or you've had bad experiences with it because it was expected and there was no reciprocation and there was no enjoyment or... It's just, there's a lot of different things that can happen when you're first getting into the world of sex.

Pam Allan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Corey Allan: So after you've done some of that thought processes, then you can also shift it to what is it that you do like about it?

Pam Allan: To look at it in a positive light.

Corey Allan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Pam Allan: All right.

Corey Allan: Because it could be-

Pam Allan: Try to focus on the positive?

Corey Allan: Yep. You like the idea of being able to have power, to tease, to the sucking, the licking, the eye contact that can happen. And there's a lot of different things. I like the power to be able to provide pleasure to my spouse and sometimes framing it that way makes a little difference. And that's what it sounds like she's doing. Because she's like, "This is a thing I'm trying to do out of love. I want to work through this out of love for him. I want to overcome this aversion and this reaction to it." So the thing I think of is, again, let's go just a little more global still, as you work up to this, you work up to oral sex, which means start with manual stimulations, get your hands involved a lot more. Right? Try it, practice the hand job and even lay down beside him and slide down by his penis while performing the hand job.

Pam Allan: And by you going through this, is this intended more for someone who is just averse to oral sex at all? You're not talking just the adverse to having ejaculation in the mouth that's-

Corey Allan: Right.

Pam Allan: It's just averse to oral sex crosstalk-

Corey Allan: Right, because I'm also curious if is there an aversion to ejaculation on your body? Is that a thing that's a bothersome thing? Because we've had emails in the past that have said that.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: That I don't want it on my chest or my stomach or I don't want it anywhere around me.

Pam Allan: Right.

Corey Allan: And this is a way to ease into it. And the key through all of this, of just working your way up to it is constant communication with each other. Constant connection. Make eye contact and speak to each other about it.

Pam Allan: Yeah. I think you've got to do that. In a scenario like this, where she's truly... From what it sounds like, I like your wording that out of love, she's trying to do this because this is what he really wants. It's easy for that type of thing to turn into resentment if you don't like it and, "I'm trying so hard, I really want to do this for you. But man, I am just not overcoming that hurdle." And then it turns into a resentment because, "Come on, dude, I've been trying and I'm just not getting there. Give me some slack."

Corey Allan: Yep.

Pam Allan: So...anyway.

Corey Allan: Yeah. So you're working towards, again, before we go to just back to the email, let's stay a little more global, on some of the tips that can help with a wife wanting to perform oral sex on her husband. One of the best things is you don't just latch on and just start sucking with all your might. That's going to wear your jaw out.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So you want to add some variety.

Pam Allan: It not only wears your jaw out, it just wears your brain out because it's not fun for you. You don't have any connection because when you're just doing that, there's no eye-to-eye contact that way to crosstalk.

Corey Allan: There's no changing it up-

Pam Allan: Without changing it up.

Corey Allan: There's no adding different techniques and things you can do. So one of the best things you can do is use your hands as part of this.

Pam Allan: Yeah, at the same time.

Corey Allan: Because this is not about deep-throating. This is about just performing oral sex. So use your hand at the base of his penis while your mouth and your tongue are at the tip. And that can then... You can lick, you can suck. You can do a bunch of different things and if you get into a rhythm, your hand can join your mouth in that rhythm. So it gives the experience of something more full, which is very enticing and if you also add in the idea of being playful. Show you're enjoying this. Work towards that and connect with each other, make eye contact with each other. That's one of the biggest things you can do with oral sex and that's by men and women. It doesn't matter who's performing it. You can see each other. And if you're still unsure, then one of the best tips for a wife is have him on his back and you be on top. That gives you total control.

Pam Allan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Corey Allan: So you're on your knees over him. And that way you have the control. He can't thrust too hard without... Because sometimes the standing position can make it to where it's, whoa, hold on. Now you're taking advantage. You're being too forceful. I'm too... There's a lot of different things that can come up with that.

Pam Allan: I think that's a really good point. I think that's a good point, yeah.

Corey Allan: Okay. And then the last thing to think of, and this can even help straight for our emailer, just relax with the process. And one of the things that can really help with relax? As the wife, you go first with some orgasms.

Pam Allan: True.

Corey Allan: He performs on you.

Pam Allan: True.

Corey Allan: He handles you. You take care of you first or multiple times. Whatever it takes to where you're in a much more relaxed state because now then, all of a sudden, your body can get out of the way some and now we're just dealing with the pesky mind.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: And in her case, you're dealing with the pesky gag reflex. So specifically for what she's asking, first and foremost, is just the importance of breathing. Because any time we get into anxious moments or any time we get into moments that are gag-inducing in life, breathing is the way through it.

Pam Allan: Okay.

Corey Allan: Right? I mean, isn't that true?

Pam Allan: Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah.

Corey Allan: You smell something that's really bad and it's just like, okay, just breathe. You're breathing through your mouth-

Pam Allan: Breathe through the mouth.

Corey Allan: just relax because of the smell. Obviously, if a penis is in your mouth, it's a little harder-

Pam Allan: Hard to breathe.

Corey Allan: ... to breathe through your mouth, but that's where you can change it up and use your hands for a moment to calm yourself back down, and then pick up where you left off.

Pam Allan: And that might be where if the breathing through your nose and some of the smells are there too, you know what? Use some sort of massage oil that's scented that could be up around where your nose is or get a diffuser in your room. Diffuse some oils or something that is a soothing-

Corey Allan: Or the shower-

Pam Allan: Or the shower.

Corey Allan: ... can come back into play, although... And then don't use the soap because she made the comment even the soap can be inducing of her anxiety.

Pam Allan: Oh, interesting.

Corey Allan: But you can do that to where... There's different things. Try different scents of soap. Don't go with just Ivory or Dove or just the basic soap smell. Try something different and see if that helps with the scent. But then the last thing I came across that I think could be an interesting thing to do. I found this when I was just searching for information on how do you deal with the gag reflex, particularly when something's in your mouth, like with different... What I found this was when you're trying to do some fish... codfish oils that is good as a holistic supplement in your life. A great thing that they recommend, because this is a way to temporarily disconnect your gag reflex or stop it. So you take your left hand and you stick your thumb in the Palm of it and you squeeze make a fist and squeeze. So you're squeezing your left thumb down and that disarms your gag reflex.

Pam Allan: Okay. That might be a little bit awkward depending on the position you're in to try and be holding yourself up or something like that. So I guess switch your position around.

Corey Allan: It could be. Or if you've got a penis in the one hand, that means you're going right-handed with that and you use your left hand, but that's what... I'm going to throw that out there as, hey, why not?

Pam Allan: I guess try it.

Corey Allan: It works for people. It works for people. I found this where the dentists' office use this.

Pam Allan: Interesting.

Corey Allan: And holistic specialists use this when you're dealing with some of the oils that you're trying to get your kids to take and they gag, this is a way to temporarily shut it off. So I'm going to throw it out there because I think it's worth...

Pam Allan: Absolutely.

Corey Allan: Why would it not work possibly?

Pam Allan: No, absolutely. I think it's worth doing. You got to be thinking through a lot of things there because then if I'm clinching up my left fist, I don't want to clinch up other parts of me that might be... Right?

Corey Allan: Fair point.

Pam Allan: If you clinch one thing, you maybe tend to clinch other parts.

Corey Allan: Fair point, but this isn't through the entirety of the process. This is just at the end.

Pam Allan: Just at that point.

Corey Allan: So you just have some more communication with him to be able to say, "Give me a warning. I need to gear towards this." And again, the desensitization can work too, where it's just, "Give me the warning and I'm going to pull out and finish you manually onto my breasts or stomach or something else and I'll work towards this." And it is truly a Pavlovian thing you can do where you just condition yourself. You work towards it. And those are the best ways because this is the way we go deeper and grow in this area of our life, all the way through, is initially there's an aversion to it because it's an innocence, a naivete, or it truly is a disgusting reaction. But then we grow into, "You know what? Maybe it's not as disgusting as I thought."

Pam Allan: Maybe so. If it's that important to your spouse and you're willing to try it then great.

Corey Allan: So kudos to the member of Sexy Marriage nation for, "I want to-"

Pam Allan: For reaching out.

Corey Allan: "I want to reach out. I want some help with this because I want to work towards this. I don't want this to be a roadblock."

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So this might seem kind of odd, but let us know how it goes.

Pam Allan: Right.

Speaker 5: Hi, Corey and Pam. I've listened to the show since 2015, I think. And I love it. Thanks for continuing to do it. My question is I just had a baby about six weeks ago and I'm struggling with the idea of getting back into sex with my husband and with the images of doctors and stuff that went on down there. So I listened to the one episode that is about sex after baby, but I'm wondering if there's any other episodes or any other advice you have about getting images that aren't sexy out of your head during the times that you want to be intimate? Thanks.

Corey Allan: Oh, the journey that can hit so many couples.

Pam Allan: Yeah, yeah. Anyone who has kids.

Corey Allan: It can be a real hurdle of trying to overcome transitioning from that process because it's not just the process of birth that can be cumbersome. It's the whole pregnancy thing, too, can become... It can make a whole wealth of things that are positive or negative when it comes to your sex life.

Pam Allan: Yeah, yeah. And sometimes it's just how you're looking at it.

Corey Allan: Exactly.

Pam Allan: Right? It's a perspective thing. I think that when you're six weeks after having the child, not knowing the details of her situation, but pregnancy in general and giving birth and whether it's a C-section or a vaginal delivery, they each carry their own weight. But sometimes I think that immediately, you're not seeing maybe the beauty in some of that, or you're not embracing necessarily at that point, "Wow, we did this together," and how cool that is and what a different bond that you two now have together that you didn't have before.

Corey Allan: Yeah. But there's also that anxiety of, "Okay, all that just happened for me as the wife, as the mom. Now, what's this going to be like again?" I mean, because there's a serious uncertainty of, is it going to hurt? Is there any scarring and tearing that I wasn't aware of? You know, it's just all of that can produce a ton of anxiety plus what she's bringing up of the whole, "Man, there were a whole lot of people down there between my legs during this whole process. How do I get that vision out because that's not sexy because what was going on there was a whole different world and get back towards this as something that's intimate and special just between my husband and I?"

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: And so this is where, I think, you have to start with the overall view of the relationship and bringing the romance back in.

Pam Allan: Oh, yeah, I would agree with that. I hope he's a listener because I hope that he understands what a vital role he plays in this piece as well. She'll have to get her mind adjusted for it, but it is so helpful when you're working at this as a team and he sees the role that he can play to help her get her mind switched.

Corey Allan: Right. And so to start off, she's saying it's just been six weeks. Well, that's just usually when an OB gives you the green light is six weeks unless there's some special circumstances that could extend that out even further. But it is one of those, hey, it's just now starting as far as a possibility. So ease up to this.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: You don't have to immediately just pick up wherever you left off before you were pregnant or even during the pregnancy, because you do need to allow the body to heal and change and get to where it will eventually be again. And so there's going to be some awkwardness to this. There could be some uncertainty and anxiety to this because one of the things that a lot of times... Our OB didn't talk about this, but if you're nursing, when you're stimulated for sex, that will get the lactation process going for your nipples, which means you're going to start leaking during sex possibly.

Pam Allan: Right.

Corey Allan: Which, hello, be prepared for that rather than, "Whoa, I was not expecting that."

Pam Allan: Whole new ball of wax.

Corey Allan: So that can derail things. But just, again, if you can go with where you started this, Pam, of look at what you've done together, look at this process you're going through together. What a cool thing that's gone on. You've created a new life. Celebrate that fact and enjoy that fact and realize, okay, this is learning something new. This is getting back into something. I thought we had this thing down and now we got to learn something new again.

Pam Allan: Yeah. It's a different story. And so what you find sexy now, or when you feel sexy now, might be a different story than what you had before. You might have to rediscover those things in your mind and your life.

Corey Allan: And this is where the power of the relationship can be a tremendous benefit of continue to have the conversation. This is where we go back to the last call we had, the last email we had on the first section of today. Just constant check-ins with each other because this is the whole... I'm thinking of it specifically with what she's asking. They're in the process of getting sexual acts started, incorporate a lot of foreplay, possibly, to ease into this, almost go back to the dating where it wasn't necessarily just straight for sex. It was easing towards it and be willing for both of you to say and know, "You know what? I may need to stop at a different point than I normally because I want to check in with you because I just had a vision of the two docs that were just there."

Pam Allan: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Corey Allan: Right? And so if you have humor as a benefit and a blessing in your relationship, that can be a great bonding opportunity that doesn't have to derail it, it just pauses it.

Pam Allan: True.

Corey Allan: Because you just say, "Hold on, can you assume a good doctor pose real quick, so I can then morph you into my husband from the doc because I want this to be sexy again." And have some fun with this. Use your strengths because the mind is an incredibly powerful thing. And when you work in sync with each other and you open yourself to each other in that way, you can really be good allies to each other with this.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: Because a lot of times... I mean, I've said this before I'm pretty sure, but never in this arena. "Great sex happens when we recover well in the middle of it, too." Because it's not always just one fluid, butterflies and rainbows, rhythmic dance. Sometimes it truly is. "We need to stop. That was awful. That didn't work." But the overall thing still turns out really, really good because you recover.

Pam Allan: Yeah. And that's a big victory there that you-

Corey Allan: Huge.

Pam Allan: I think that's a bigger bonding for the two of you as a couple in overcoming that than it is to actually have had a connection performing sex, right? inaudible

Corey Allan: Well, you just connected with the essence of yourselves-

Pam Allan: So much more, yeah.

Corey Allan: ... each other on a deeper level, so it's more than just sex. It's a connection of souls and spirits and minds and emotions.

Pam Allan: Right. And the reality is he's probably a little bit off his game too. I can't imagine that things are going to be exactly the same for him.

Corey Allan: Yeah.

Pam Allan: Right? He's seeing things in a whole new light and it's different when you're a parent.

Corey Allan: Yeah, and so how do you frame it? Just the way you started this whole conversation, Pam, how do you frame this as, "Look at what we've created together?" Right? "Look at this experience that we just went through together. How do we celebrate that?" But also, how do we then morph into what could be still that's incorporating what was, and what still can be because now all of a sudden you're experiencing a different aspect of yourself and each other. So bring that to the party.

Pam Allan: Yeah. I think you do have a quicker turnaround there in trying to get past the doctors and those visuals that you've got. If you're letting your husband know exactly the situation, letting him know what you're seeing.

Corey Allan: Bring him in on it.

Pam Allan: Bring him in on it because then he might... If you're not bringing him in on it, he's not going to have a clue and he's going to get frustrated because he doesn't have a clue.

Corey Allan: Well, or you start to create parallel experiences that then put each of you in the dilemma of, oh, we're not even connected here. Who's going to really notice this first and say something about it? Because that's a different path.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: So this is just really about be more involved in your present and bring your spouse into it.

Pam Allan: Yeah.

Corey Allan: It's great to have a chance to kind of look back and to things that have gone on before. If you think about it, how many shows do we... Like regular talk shows that we've listened to over the years or podcasts even that we've listened to that you're like, "There's so much in there that I just forget it." Right? I remember... There's times I do this, even with SMR, I'll dig back through and go, "Oh, I forgot about that segment. I forgot about that-"

Pam Allan: There's been so many episodes so far.

Corey Allan: Absolutely. So hopefully the little bit of time spent in the past, the last couple of weeks has been enlightening to people to realize, "Oh, I forgot all about those things and that content." Because when you say, Pam, that all the questions that we get from the nation, which we are so grateful for each and every week, there's a lot of times we're just saying a lot of the same... We're just applying the same kind of concepts to different specific situations.

Pam Allan: But that's the beauty of it. Sometimes something doesn't make sense unless you hear it in your situation, right, to hear it applied to your specific life.

Corey Allan: Absolutely.

Pam Allan: So the context matters and helps us see a clearer picture.
Totally. And so if you want us to go to where you want us to go, let us know. 214-702... That's right. 214-702-9565. I'm leaving that in there.

Corey Allan: Job well done.

Pam Allan: Or feedback at I know I'm not going to mess up that address. inaudible Sexy Marriage Radio. If we left something undone done, let us know. We'll see you again next time.