Redesign for Simple Marriage Project! Tell Me What You Think


I am pleased to launch a new design for the Simple Marriage Project. I think it looks great! I have Dipankar to thank for this design.
Now before you comment that this looks a lot like ZenHabits, let me explain a few things. Originally I was using the Grid Focus theme by Derek Punsalan, but then again, so were many other bloggers. Hence the reason for the change.
My goal was to take the best aspects of the blogs I have enjoyed and incorporate them into one design. If you copy from one source, its plagiarism, if you copy from several sources, its research. After “researching” other popular blogs and following Skellie’s advice, I am pleased to present this redesign.
Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Please point out any bugs that need to be fixed as well. We’ll work to correct everything needed over the next week.
Update: I realize now that some Internet Explorer browsers cut off the left margin. We are working to correct this. Thank you for your patience. If you are experiencing this issue, you could try converting to Firefox or another browser. It looks great in other browsers. I bet once you make the switch, you won’t go back to IE.
Update of the update: Actually, the problems we are having are due to screen display sizes. This design was created for wider screens. We are working to fix the issues some of you may be experiencing.