Relationship Design With A Ball And Chain

Relationship Design

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My guess is one of the major hurdles to designing the life and marriage you want is your spouse. At least that’s what I continually hear from people I run into. The second thing would have to be kids. “I just have too many responsibilities and mouths to feed!”
By the way, I’m going to try out my ranting voice in this post. We’ll see out it goes. This whole thing may turn out to be a total disaster, oh well.
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Now on to other things.
Rant Time
If you buy into the notion that marriage is limiting to your freedom, so be it. I don’t.
While it does mean you give up some things, like sleeping with everything that walks. But come on, who really wants to do that. All that happens is you end up more lonely, except for the STD’s you get to enjoy long after the nights are over. And this also assumes you are the type without a shred of conscience willing to harm all sorts of people around you throughout life.
So why is it that many people think marriage is a death nail to lifestyle design? As I talk to my friends and read fellow bloggers, I get the distinct impression that the popular belief is – if you are married, you no longer have the freedom to design your own life. As if saying “I do” meant you handed over the keys to your entire life.
It’s true that one of the trailblazers in the world of lifestyle design Tim Ferriss is single, but what makes it that his way is the only way to go? Do you honestly think that if he were married he would settle down into a routine 9 to 5 life? No way! She’d be traveling with him, if not leading the way to new and more adventures.
So now you may be saying “but that’s not the luxury I have. My spouse would never go for the risk involved with getting out of the routine of life and seriously designing something new.”
Before you say this; have you honestly sat down and had the discussion? Or is this based solely on the fact that you think you know what they will say when in fact you really have no idea? Hate to break it too you – you can’t read their mind. Nor should you want to.
Maybe they are lost in the routine of life as well. Maybe they are looking for ways to make a change in the marriage but don’t want to rock the boat. Or they may be thinking there’s no way you’d be open to new ideas or their dreams.
If you truly want to live with more passion and adventure in life, listen the master Yoda.

Do or do not… there is no try. ~ Yoda

The foundational belief of the Simple Marriage Project is marriage and life are choice. If you want something a bit different, it’s your choice.
Speak up! At least that way an imaginary road block can be removed and you can face the real issues. You may discover that your spouse has some of the same frustrations and desires for life.
All that’s left then is the design and living of the life you both want to live.
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