Right or Learning


In life we are faced with countless decisions to make each and every day.

Some work out well, some flounder along and some seem to fail. I don’t like to look at decisions as either it was right or wrong.

Instead – it was right or I’m learning something.

For over the past decade we’ve been on a mission to impact marriages to help them not just survive, but thrive. That goal has not changed. We’re still working to have a targeted network to guide married people in living passionately and fully alive in their current relationships. We want marriages to be fully alive – in all facets of marriage.

At the beginning of 2023 we rebranded to Passionately Married in order to widen the focus of our message in the hopes of reaching more people. The decision was to move a little beyond the lane of talking about married sex as the on-ramp to the rest of life and marriage with our message … and now 10 months later, we’re learning from this decision.

We’ve realized widening the lane with the rebrand has created a little more wandering with our message. It also lost the provocative edge we’ve had for over 12 years now.

So we are moving back to our roots as Sexy Marriage Radio.

In the coming weeks we will be transitioning back to our original name, feel, and focus.

It will take a couple of weeks to transition everything on the Interwebs – and we will let you know more every step of the way.

These things will not change …

We still believe –

The best sex happens in the marriage bed.
The healthiest, most vibrant people are found in marriages.
And great marriages are defined by 2 people who recover well.

Know this, we are still on the mission of impacting one marriage at a time.

One marriage that will influence generations, creating a lasting legacy that will be felt 100 years from now.

That one marriage … that legacy … is yours!