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Episode 15: Masturbation and marriage

Sex in marriage is a great thing, we think it's the place where the best sex happens. But what do you do when one partner isn't interested and you are looking for release? Is it okay to masturbate? Show topics: What role does sex play in your marriage? Where is your...

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Episode 14: How to SCORE!

Ready for 2012? After listening to this episode of Sexy Marriage Radio, you'll be ready to SCORE! Have a great New Year! __________ Got a question? Let us know by calling the feedback line: (615) 567-3996 or email us at feedback@sexymarriageradio.com. Listen to Sexy...

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Episode 13: Mercy Sex and Marriage

Sex in marriage is a great thing, we think it's the place where the best sex happens. But what about times when sex falls into the category of mercy sex? Show topics: What to do when you're the high desire partner And what to do when you're the low desire partner Is...

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Episode 12: Female Orgasm: Unlocking the Mystery

While we have been advocates of great sex and great marriages, we have often talked beyond technique and skills. Not today. In today's show we explore & "unlock" the mystery of the female orgasm. Show topics: The importance of fragrance and setting a mood for...

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Episode 11: In one ear, out the other

What do you do when both members of the marriage listen to our show, but one spouse simply doesn't implement anything we discuss? Put another way, Sexy Marriage Radio goes in one ear and then out the other. Show topics: How to connect better during sex The importance...

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Episode 10: Don’t just have sex, be sexual

Everyone has sex, or at least has had sex. But what if you moved beyond just having sex and were more sexual? That's our show today. Show topics: Create a sacred space for your sexuality Embrace your unique design __________ Have you got something on your mind or a...

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Episode 9: How to not be bored in bed

What is it that makes some sexual encounters "through the roof" and others just okay? That's our show today. Show topics: How to set a better mood Ways to be fully present and focus more How to create "follow the connection" sex __________ Have you got something on...

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Episode 8: Turn up your sexual energy

According to the listeners of SMR, sexual desire and attraction are important topics to explore - especially when there are problems in this area of a marriage. It seems there are many couples that have a really good marriage, except when it comes to sex. So what do...

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Episode 7: Listener Q&A

Sexy Marriage Radio is a month old and we are absolutely loving this show! Hope you are as well! But what we love more than recording the show is hearing from listeners. In this show we cover several questions from listeners. Have you got something on your mind or a...

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Episode 6: How to be more attracted to your spouse

Throughout the course of a marriage, attraction may ebb and flow. Part of this is natural as we each evolve and change. But what do you do when it goes beyond just an ebb or flow? That's what this show is all about. Show topics: Three ways to become more attracted to...

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Episode 5: Loosening up and being aroused

Show topics: Listener questions from the feedback line How to be more engaged and aroused during sex Is it mental, physical, or both? _________ Got something on your mind that you want to hear on a future show? Let us know by calling the feedback line: (615)...

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Episode 4: Tips for initiating sex

A continuation of our last show, should you ask for or initiate sex. Last time we covered the what and the why, this time we cover the how. Show topics: Some how-to's when it comes to initiate sex What does sex mean to you? Importance of being a man or a woman...

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