Simple Marriage Audio Plus An Upcoming Challenge


For over a year now I have sought to publish an average of 3 posts each week written to assist you in experiencing more in marriage and life. Throughout our journey together I feel like I’ve really gotten to know several of you via your comments and emails.
I think it’s safe to say we’ve become friends, right?
Since we’re friends, I wanted to let you into my world a bit more. I want to lift the veil of the written word. From time to time I get opportunities to speak and teach. Recently I had the chance to speak at my home congregation on the topic of Love and Marriage. If you are interested, you can hear the audio by following this link. You can even download it and put it on your Ipod.
Second, if you’ve been hanging out around here for a while, you know there are several things involved in experiencing more out of marriage and life. Many times I’ve received emails and comments about taking things to the next level in your relationship.
Basically it’s readers like you asking for more. More detail, more connection, more ideas, etc.
I’m creating something just for this.

The 38 Day Build A Simple Marriage Challenge.

For 38 days there will be posts designed specifically to assist you and your spouse in amping up your marriage. While most of the articles at Simple Marriage already have this in mind, this will be a detailed, focused approach throughout the 38 days.
The coolest aspect of the 38 DBSMC is it will have two levels happening simultaneously.
Level one will be on Simple Marriage, with posts full of practical ideas, teaching that will help you implement the ideas and some steps to follow throughout the 38 day challenge. This level will be 100% free.
Level two will be a premium level – a comfortable place where you can hang out (virtually) with my wife and me and talk about this stuff – and more. Here you and your spouse will get additional information via video posts, podcasts, a forum for members only, plus a couple of teleconference calls with me and my wife (and possibly a couple of other “relationship-type-people”). Everything will be recorded so you’ll have access to all the information on your time schedule. At the end of the challenge, I’ll even bundle everything up in one package and send it to you so you can easily refer back to the information later.
The 38 DBSMC won’t happen until the fall, probably starting in late August or September – but hey, that’s only 2 months away! I’ll share more in the coming weeks. If there is something you’d like to see included in the premium area, send me an email or leave a comment with your suggestion.