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Sex and Intimacy

Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation.  ~  Oscar Wilde

Update: This contest is now closed.
As any marriage progresses, there’s going to be times of stagnation and routine. Times when you feel like everything that needs to said – already has been said. It’s during these times when it would be great to have a resource that would help you “go deeper” together.
There are also times when you may wish to add a touch of spice to the marriage. To shake things up a bit and discover more about your lover.
Recently I came across a game that’s designed to help couples who are hungry for connection.
A Private Affair: The Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans and Promises for Couples
Here’s some more information from the creators of the game, Dr. Todd and Jan Sellick.
“A Private Affair” is a unique “black box” of intimate possibility for couples; a game that can be played in restaurants, over coffee, while out for a walk, even on the phone. Play slowly, over a romantic meal, or enjoy a “quickie” by text or email or during a five minute drive in the car.
In developing this game, we felt that couples needed a way to climb back into their own private affair, risking disclosures, exploring penetrating questions, planning adventures together, and finding ways to remember and keep these new promises!
Three thousand years ago Solomon suggested that “an honest answer (straight talk) is like a kiss on the lips;” a thing of simply, happy, complete and juicy intimacy. This little verse inspired a game.
Stories about “sexless marriages” are hot topics at the moment, but the issue is not really ”sexless” but “less” in general for so many; less adventure, less understanding, less connecting, less joy, less kindness, less energy, less hope, etc.  Sheldon Vanauken, in his fabulous book “A Severe Mercy” suggested that unless couples are extremely mindful and diligent in their marriage, they risk suffering a “creeping separateness” that distorts and tarnishes the life and friendship of marriage.  The sexual part of the relationship very naturally, and reasonably, suffers along with this, so often bruised in this experience of “creeping separateness.”
Couples are hungry for connection, but a bit lost as to where to begin. We keep our game at the back door.  As we’re heading out, one of us pockets a few cards so we can “play the game” should we have a few moments, and want to get into some intimate conversation and play together.
One reviewer said that he and his wife think of the game as “emotional bungee jumping;” a risky adventure, but one where they ultimately feel safe as they jump into various depths together.
A Private Affair is not a typical couples “sex game” at all; not the kind you play at home on Friday night with a bottle of massage oil, a feather, and blindfold. This game is played with “eyes wide open” while you move through the bits and pieces of life with your spouse.
You can also check out the blog as well.

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