Simple Marriage Odds And Ends


To the loyal readers who continually return to the Simple Marriage Project and to the many others of you who’ve recently joined our fellowship aimed at taking over the world, I’d like to tell you I’m extremely grateful. I’d also like to take a moment and take care of a few housekeeping items. This idea was actually spurred by Leo earlier in the week with his Life Laundry Day post and then compounded by The Art of Nonconformity’s post In Defense of A**-Kicking (pardon the terminology, but worth the read).
Let’s get down to business.
You may have noticed a few new additions to the design of our little project. First there are now a few ads running between the posts. I hope these don’t get in the way or detract from our blog, and I will commit to you that this blog will not be overrun with advertisements in the future. But I do want to experiment and see if I can make a go at earning a few pennies with this project. The other addition, I am now displaying the subscriber count. With the influx of subscribers the last few weeks I’m experimenting to see if displaying the count adds to the momentum.
I welcome your feedback and input in the comments on either of these additions.
Facebook. Is anybody out there?
I’ve know ventured into the vortex also known as Facebook. Already I have been found by some long lost friends, and met several new people as well. I have no idea what Facebook is all about or really how it works, I’m at the beginning of the learning curve. But feel free to “friend me”, or look for Corey Allan. There is also a Simple Marriage Group set up as well as a Simple Marriage Page (thanks to the wife of Wife Advice for the idea). See you in the abyss.
Simple Marriage’s world takeover.
Our numbers continue to climb! Thank you to all who have latched on to this simple idea and are spreading the word. I am going to be guest posting at several big blogs in the coming weeks, which should help spread the word even faster. More details later!
Month Long Adventure
Next Sunday I’m off for the beginning of my month long adventure. The first leg is in Scotland with my father. While I’m taking my MacBook, I may not be as present with comments and responses. There will still be regular postings while I’m traveling and I have a good friend lined up to ensure everything runs smoothly. Upon my return from overseas, my family will be in the mountains for a week enjoying some time relaxing together.
I hope to be able to check in regularly, but don’t know if I’ll be able to as often as I’d like.
Thank you for continuing to visit our project. None of this would be possible without your input and support.