Simple Marriage RSS Feed And Email Fixed


Last week I installed a new feature, Disqus, to handle the comments from here on out at Simple Marriage. It seems the installation of this feature broke the feed (which is a major way Simple Marriage is shared to you the loyal reader).
If you are a reader who has subscribed to receive email updates from SM, you may have noticed that you haven’t received an email in a while. In fact, the last email went out Tuesday, August 4th – The Art of Doing Nothing.
Here are the posts you may have missed since then:

Since there have been some good posts that you may have missed due to the broken feed, hop over to Simple Marriage to check them out.
In order to correct this problem, I’ve uninstalled Disqus and returned to the regular comments setup. While Disqus offers some really cool features, being able to receive posts via email and feed reader is much more important.
Hope you have a great week. By the way, my family’s on day 10 now with no TV, so far so good. We’re getting a great deal done around the house with our free time, although our kids still ask every day to watch cartoons.