Simple Marriage Social Media Love-In


free 'group' hugs
Creative Commons License photo credit: kalandrakas
Building off the 20 Must Read Blogs post and based on the amazing success of the De-Lurk-A-Thon, where many new people joined the conversation, I want to try something a bit different.
Inspired by a post from Problogger last summer, I am opening up the comment section and inviting you to share your social media information with other Simple Marriage readers.
If you are:

  • active on other social media sites,
  • interested in connecting with other Simple Marriage readers,

then here’s the opportunity you have today.
In the comments below – leave links to any of your social media profiles that you want to promote, you can even leave your blog address as well. Once you’ve done so – start adding others on the list! This will only work if people make connections rather than just promote themselves.
I don’t know what will happen with this but I do know that we all are interested in experiencing more from relationships and life and we all read Simple Marriage. So why not share your info and connect with other people? Perhaps this could the beginnings of a Simple Marriage Community, who knows.
Here’s the guidelines for this-

  • If you are reading this in a feed reader, an email message, or some other way other than on Simple Marriage, click here to visit the actual post.
  • You can use html in your comments to make your links live, making it easier for people to find you.
  • Please limit your links to 6.

I am relatively new to the social media world, and I don’t use it near to it’s capacity, but I’ll kick this off with my info:






Now it’s your turn. Hope to connect with you soon!
UPDATE: If you are unfamiliar with the html feature to make links live, simple copy and past the entire link for each social media site you wish to include. (For example: this is what my entire Facebook link would look like – )