The Language Of Sex: A Guide To Becoming A Better Linguist

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Photo courtesy Saket Yadav

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The number one topic that brings people to Simple Marriages, according to the major search engines, continues to be sex. And since this is a big issue in most every marriage, or at least it’s an important part of most marriages, here’s a brief guide to all that I’ve written on the subject thus far (there’s more on the way).
One key to a happy and healthy marriage: keep your sex life alive.
Your sex life can often serve as a good barometer of your relationship. It can help both of you gauge the progress of your relationship. Sex is a language, and when you look at your sex life with your spouse, you can uncover what each of you are saying about the state of the marriage.
But the best part about the language of sex; you can become a better linguist with your spouse.
If you are looking to improve in this area of your marriage, here are a few links that cover this topic.

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