The Woman Up Series at Simple Marriage Project

Man Up/Woman Up

Photo courtesy wisdoms

A couple of weeks ago, The Man Up Series was launched at The Simple Marriage Project. There has been a tremendous response from this series. Just in case you missed any posts thus far, here they are:

In the coming weeks, The Woman Up Series will begin, covering the female perspective. It seems that our society has been hard on women. There are many roles a woman plays today; wife, mother, employee, boss, housekeeper, cook, lover, friend, to name a few. Each of these roles are filled with blessings and perils.
Many women seem to get caught in the trap of either being too submissive and run-over by others or too independent and risk being thought of as that colorful “b” word.
Woman was designed as a manifestation of God’s beauty. But she is much more than an object.
Our society, and more importantly our marriages and families, need women to “woman up” in the same way that men need to “man up.” To “woman up” means she stands up for herself and her dreams as a woman. She is willing to go toe-to-toe for herself first, then her family. To follow and live out her dreams. To be the beauty in the story and play a vital role in the adventure of life.
I am not going to attempt to cover this series, instead it will be written by my wife as well as a few guest posts from some fellow bloggers. Not only has my wife had to put up with me for the past 15 years, she has also been the major breadwinner, a mom, a boss (to others beyond just myself), a daughter and a friend. She has done all this with grace and class.
I look forward to the dialogue between the perspectives. Again, if you have any issue or topic you would like to see covered in either series, fell free to post them in the comments below.