Two Words for a Better Marriage

Relationship Design, Simplicity

If you venture into the world of marriage bigification and self-improvement, you’ll be inundated with all types of awesome speak.
It’s everywhere in the blogoshere.
Why does it have to be so hard?
What if two words could improve your marriage?
Two words can … and will.

  1. Think big (look at the big picture of life and marriage, it’s not all about you)
  2. Get over (forgive again and again)
  3. Choose battles (not everything is worth the fight)
  4. Just stop (get help if you need)
  5. Shut up (there’s wisdom in knowing when to be quiet)
  6. Move on (let go of the past and live in the moment)
  7. Be smart (use your brain in every situation)
  8. Common sense (uh, hello, befriending an ex-girlfriend on Facebook is just plain stupid)
  9. Show up (there’s value to being together)
  10. Be present (engage your spouse when your together, don’t be lost at work or elsewhere)
  11. Grow up (this is what marriage is all about!)

Got two words to add?

Photo courtesy jennifer*clare