An update on the shifts


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been discussing with you the idea of some shifts coming in the future for Simple Marriage.
This is nothing dramatic like me shutting down SM … no way.
Not only does it help people in great ways, I love what I do.
The shift I’m talking about is taking what’s already working well and making it even better.
A goal of Simple Marriage is to fundamentally change the culture of marriage and relationships.
Thus far we’re off to a good start … but we want to reach even more couples and help them create something that is deeply meaningful, full of passion, and lasts.
In my last post I may have been a bit dramatic (at least in comparison to normal posts) when I asked for your feedback. But it seems the spirit of the post worked – and I am humbled by the responses.

I also enjoy the skeptical feedback!

It seems that most everyone is interested and in favor of whatever this “thing” is (or will become) but you’re unsure about what it actually is.

Part of the talking in circles thus far is because I’m not exactly sure what this thing will be either. I have a really good idea of the direction and goals, but there’s still a gap between where we are now and where we want to go.
So let me attempt to clear some things up. 
First, Simple Marriage will continue to provide quality articles, resources, and encouragement for marriages around the world. What’s working well will continue to be offered.
Second, due to the conversations and feedback over the past couple of weeks, some interesting opportunities have arisen. It is way too early in the process to share more but I’ll update details as they unfold.
Third, many people emailed or left comments regarding the next offering of Blow Up My Marriage. The summer session begins June 11th and will run for 10-12 weeks.
And finally, I want to thank you again for the positive feedback and support for the shift idea. We are full speed ahead in the creation process.
I value your feedback and questions, so please speak up along the way.
Have a great week!
~ Corey