Welcome To The Manival!

Man Up/Woman Up

It’s time once again for all things manly!
It appears as though this time our manly contributions have been impacted by the Labor Day holiday. While the number of contributions are down this week, the testosterone level is still high.
After you’ve perused all the contributors, I’ve included for your enjoyment many of the Man Up and Woman Up posts we’ve been running here at Simple Marriages this summer. While it may be a slight breech of hosting etiquette to include one’s own posts in this week’s offerings, I hope it adds to your manly endeavors as you go forth this week.
Now off to all that is hairy!

Cameron Schaefer presents What Ever Happened to Personal Responsibility? posted at Schaefer’s Blog.
Danny Gamache presents A Story of Persistence, Goal Setting, and Passion posted at The Success Professor.
kip presents Ode to Hayward Street posted at Zen and the Art of the Midlife Crisis.
DaddyBrain presents How To Retrain The Reactive Brain posted at Daddy Brain.
Michael Snyder presents 15 Things That Are Wrong With America posted at The Moral Collapse Of America.
And just in time for football season:
This has to be the manliest grill you’ll find. A Grill that attaches to your tow hitch and rides outside your truck or SUV. Perfect for tailgating. http://www.tailgatingideas.com/freedomgrill/
You are still want more posts to put hair on your chest? Here you go. Man Up!

And for good measure I’ve thrown in a few Woman Up posts for the ladies.