What Would You Do During A Month Long Adventure, Update

Goals and Dreams

One evening after putting the kids to bed, I was reading an article in the newest Backpacker magazine about two people who hiked the Continental Divide Trail from New Mexico to Canada and then back. It took them almost 200 straight days on the trail to complete the task.
As I was reading, my wife came in a said, “Why don’t you take a month and go on an adventure? You’d love it. Why don’t you go and do it?”
A month ago I posed this question to you my loyal readers. There were some great responses. Most everyone who commented stated they would head outdoors and/or travel.
Now that summer is in full swing, I’ve planned out my adventure and I thought I’d share it with you. But first a little background.
I was initially befuddled by my wife’s suggestion. Could I take a month away from her and our kids? This idea was beyond my thinking at the time. After some time sorting through my thoughts and discussing it with a few close friends, the thought began stirring something deep in my soul.
So here’s the plan. During the first of August I will be traveling to Scotland with my father. We are going to spend 9 days traveling around our family’s birthplace, meeting relatives, and taking in Scotland’s history. It should be a fabulous trip, not only because of the sites but more importantly because it will be with my dad, who had a few growing up years in Scotland.
Upon return from that trip, my wife and kids and I are heading to the mountains for a week of hiking, fishing, and relaxing. The mountains hold a special place in our heart. So a week together there with the family will be great.
Next stop on the adventure will be a 5 day hike with a couple of friends to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. On a side note, my month long adventure will not happen within the same month. Due to special permits required to hike in the Grand Canyon, this part of the adventure will not be happening until October. Regardless of the time break, the adventure will still be worth it.
I’ll post updates as my adventure continues to unfold.
Well, that’s my adventure. What’s yours?
Enjoy your journey.