Where Are We Going in Our Marriage?

Communication, Goals and Dreams

Where do you want to go?

Where do you want to go?

Post written by marriage columnist Susanne Alexander of Marriage Transformation.

Many couples barely hold onto their marriages to avoid disrupting their households through the holiday period. Once the new year begins, then they take steps to separate.
Re-kindling your marriage is a better alternative!
David L. Banks has a new book 2 Become 1: Creating Memorable Moments to Deepen Your Marriage Connection (with Susanne M. Alexander) that encourages couples to believe it is possible to stay connected throughout a marriage.
Creating a marital vision is one of the ways you can see a bigger picture for your marriage. Spend a few minutes alone writing down your ideas of what you really want to see in your marriage. Then come together and discuss what you want your marriage to become.
The next step is to find a memorable word that can sum up what you want; for example: great, oneness, joy, or harmony. Make each letter stand for something that deepens your marriage.
This will be your mission statement of how to go forward and engage in building the marriage you want.
Here is an example:
Word: EDEN (as in Paradise)

  • E – Enter into oneness. We agree to develop skills to achieve oneness.
  • – Delightful atmosphere. On a daily basis, we are mindful of how we treat and talk to each other, being careful to show respect for each other.
  • – Empowering others. We encourage and serve other couples.
  • N – New treasures found daily. We are intentional about finding and acknowledging thoughtful acts of service and gem-like qualities in each other.

Taking steps such as this can prompt you to see that there is still the possibility of a happy, loving, and unified marriage. There is hope for most couples.
Have a happy holiday season!

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