Wow Your Spouse with a Physical Date

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Post written by dates and romance columnist Sean Marshall of Family Rocketship.

Last summer I knocked an item off my bucket list.
I climbed up to some alpine lakes in Washington State and back down in one day – a 16 mile round trip with 10,000 vertical feet completed.
The best part? I did it with my wife.
When we were done, we felt exhausted, our muscles were fatigued, and our feet were full of blisters.
However, we also felt amazing for having accomplished such an incredible and fun adventure.
It was an entire day working hard and doing it together.

Getting Physical

We know that our bodies are gifts. We have the responsibility and pleasure of taking care of our bodies.
In marriage, it’s great to be able to use our bodies together. Holding hands, kissing, having sex, and more are all part of how our bodies relate to strengthening our marriage.
But getting physical includes more than just intimacy. It includes good old fashioned moving our bodies through physical activities together.

Benefits of a Physical Date

Physical Challenge – there’s nothing like going through a physical challenge together to grow closer together. It’s a bonding experience.
Physical Limits – by doing something physical, you quickly get to know your partner’s limits. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an Ironman competition or simply walking in the park. Just knowing each other’s limits is a way to grow closer and possible even help each other reach new levels.
More Respect – when you move together, it’s rewarding to take pride in your spouse’s ability. This helps you see each other in a new light and appreciate each other more.
New Environment – many physical activities take place outside or in a dedicated setting like a gym. Just going to someplace new is often enough to make a date more fun.

Some Physical Date Ideas

Take a walk – seriously, when was the last time you just walked together (besides to the grocery store or fast food joint?)
Go for a jog – want to step it up from a walk? Try jogging! You can also include hiking, backpacking, and trail running in this group.
Train for an event – ever thought about doing a marathon? How about a half-marathon? Or maybe it’s a triathlon. Or a mud run. Whatever it is, training together with a common goal is a great way to get in some physical time.
Get on a bike – getting outside and riding bikes makes for a great date. This can include a spin class at your local gym.
Dance – dancing is a fantastic way to get to know each other’s bodies and work together to create something beautiful. Tip – find a dance style that you both like and go for it.
Sports – feeling athletic? Head to the local basketball court for some one-on-one or your local tennis court. This also includes golf, mini-golf, bowling, frisbee, billiards, racquetball, batting cages, and more.
Paintballing – head to your local paintball course for some adventure. Closely related is going to a shooting range and try your hand at firearms.
Seasonal – based on the time of the year and where you are in the world, you can try activities like ice-skating, skiing/snowboarding, sailing, kiteboarding, surfing, scuba diving, and more!
These are just some ideas to get you brainstorming. Make sure you do something that you’re both going to enjoy and can physically handle.
Here’s one final thought – by getting physical together on your dates, you’re not only growing closer, you’re actively working to make your health better. This is a big deal!
The goal is to achieve a happy and strong marriage. Two healthy bodies sure help you achieve that worthy goal!
What’s your favorite physical activity to do with your spouse?